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Thanks to Ben Mardell for his enthusiasm, energy, and thoughtfulness and to Mark Moore for his creativity, brilliance, and generosity. I have been incredibly lucky to have such great thinking partners on this journey.

Thanks to my advisors: Andreas Roepstorff for patience, coaching, and for giving me the freedom to set my own constraints. Peter Dalsgaard for extensive feedback, coaching, and interesting and exciting discussions. Sidsel Bech-Petersen for thoughtful co-design, encouragement, and support.

And thanks to my collaborators in Aarhus Bibliotekerne: Jane Kunze for all the work she's done to make this work possible, and for her honesty and ability to be direct. Henrik Viking Hansen, Mathias Kær Helge, Matilda Kristina Ejgreen Tjellden and Sara Petrat-Melin for the creativity, energy, and patience they brought to our work together on Playing with the Sun. And thanks to Lisbeth Mærkedahl, Marie Pasgaard Ravn, Rasmus Ott, and Sofie Gad of the original Creative Learning Research Group for their thoughtful discussions and playful experimentation.

Thanks to the Carlsberg Foundation for their support through the Experimenting, Experiencing, Reflecting project. And thanks to Aarhus Public Libraries for supporting this research in many different ways. It is an honor to be even a small part of such a wonderful project to reinvent libraries.

Thanks to Ryan Jenkins of Wonderful Idea Co. and Sebastian Martin of the Tinkering Studio at the Exploratorium for doing residencies at Dokk1, and for being the inspiring and generous master tinkerers they are. Thanks to Ricarose Roque for advice, feedback, and hosting me for a wonderful residency in Boulder. Thanks to Liam Nilsen for his thoughtful design feedback and always brilliant facilitation. And thanks to Mike Petrich for his advice and feedback about Tinkering and reflection.

And thanks to those who contributed in many different ways: Andrew Sliwinski, Sarah Trahan, Joe Dumit, Lennart Björneborn, Klaus Thestrup, Karsten Olsen, Sophie Erlund, Maria Xanthoudaki, Robert Jensen, Joan Hart, and especially my wife Kara Lochridge.

And finally, thanks especially to my friends and collaborators from the community of constructionist practitioner researchers for letting me be a little part of their "Scenius": Mitchel Resnick, Natalie Rusk, Jay Silver, Eric Rosenbaum, Sayamindu Dasgupta, Tiffany Tseng, Karen Brennan, Andrés Monroy-Hernández, Amon Millner, Celeste Moreno, Ronni Hayden, Karen Wilkinson, and Luigi Anzivino.

Projects (and their associated Scenius) to Thank

The solarengine elements in the Playing with the Sun construction kit, as well as the core design philosophy, was inspired by the open-source "Scenius" of the BEAM robotics community.

The Playing with the Sun website was adapted from an HTML template by HTML5Up. The resources site is made with MkDocs and hosted by Gitlab, as is the rest of the source code for the project. The circuit boards were made wtih KiCad. The articles and thesis were drafted in Markdown, and rendered with Pandoc. I used a Pleroma microblogging server running on a raspberry Pi computer with Yunohost as its operating system as a public design notebook for recording my design and research process, which was rendered into a static website with the help of Mastodon Archive.

Last update: 2023-06-08